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Highland Memorial Park - Ocala, Florida

Welcome to Highland Memorial Park, Ocala’s most historic perpetual care cemetery. We are the only gated memorial park in the county, offering a gorgeous setting where serenity, natural beauty, and diligent care come together as one.

Established by Mr. Miles Hiers in the mid 1930’s, Highland Memorial Park offers 55 acres of carefully preserved and richly landscaped greenery. Our manicured grounds are full of majestic oaks and a clear, sparkling pond where you are invited to relax and spend time with those you love.

For a complimentary tour of our grounds and our unique offerings, please call  (352) 369-1020, or toll free at (800) 371-7307.

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We'll be pleased to welcome your visit to our warm and comfortable offices.

The Highland Memorial Park Setting

The architecture of our park was designed specifically to give your loved ones the respect and dignity they deserve. It was also carefully planned for the mourner to have a quiet place of peace and solace. Within the gardens, families can decide upon many different memorial options for cherished family members. These include:

  • in-ground burials
  • mausoleums
  • large private family estate lots
  • private family mausoleums
  • personalized cremation placement options

If you don’t opt for burial, we offer an indoor cremation memorial with glass and bronze-front niches. Family members can place and view photographs, jewelry, and any type of memorabilia that tells the story of the life of their loved one. Cremation plots also allow you to combine traditional burial with a more modern approach to body disposition.

A permanent bronze or granite memorial for ground burial can also be designed.  This permanent memorial is one of the few reminders of a life well-lived that will endure the test of time.  Bronze or granite memorial designs allow for much more than names and dates. Pictures, sayings, or even your loved one’s very own signature can be used to create a permanent memorial that tells the story of a lifetime.

Beauty and Serenity that Lasts 

Highland Memorial Park is a perpetual care cemetery, which means we take careful steps to ensure that the grounds not only look good today, but that they will continue to provide comfort for future generations. Everyone buried here contributes to the fund when they purchase a site, and that money goes into an account dedicated entirely to the maintenance and regular care of the grounds.

We also encourage families to plan ahead when considering a future burial site. Because we put the quality of our setting above all else, our facilities offer limited space. Pre-planning your funeral and securing your ideal location is a good way to ensure your legacy is in place and remains that way.  Highland Memorial Park is our testament to the care, dignity, and respect we feel that every family deserves—including yours—and we want you to feel good about your decision.

Learn More about Burial Options in Ocala, FL

Selecting a final resting place isn’t like buying a car or a home, and it’s not a decision you should take lightly. The purchase of a burial plot or cremation niche is one that will determine how your remains are treated, where your family will gather to mourn, and how future generations will celebrate the life you gave them.

That’s why we consider Highland Memorial Park a place where entire families come to mourn—and where entire families come to celebrate. Year after year, we invite you to remember and honor those you love.

The Garden of Freedoms Heroes at Highland Memorial Park is a special section at the park specifically reserved to memorialize the men and women of our armed forces. Paying tribute to those who served our country continues to be one of Highland Memorial Park’s greatest honors.

Highland Memorial Park and Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services is honored to be considered as a final resting place for you and your family. For a complimentary tour of our grounds and our unique offerings, please call (352) 369-1020, or toll free at (800) 371-7307.