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Introducing ShareLife®

When it's time to remember your loved one, be truly unique. ShareLife® helps you recreate the special story of your loved one, using sight, scent and sound, and it's only offered by Hiers - Baxley Funeral Services.

A Letter to My Community

At Hiers - Baxley Funeral Services, we are completely community centered. We pride ourselves on being the only provider in the area with a staff dedicated to community outreach. We support many churches, charities and civic organizations, and many of our programs are free of charge.

Justin Baxley

Hiers - Baxley Funeral Services

Open Letter

To the families we care for and the communities we love,

Serving is all about putting others first. It’s about meeting real needs and being a trusted source of help when it matters most. In 129 years, we have never forgotten that serving is our greatest calling and privilege.

I am so proud of our team. Each and every day, our Funeral and Cremation Specialists put their hearts and souls into celebrating life and honoring memories. Our Community Outreach group provides healing experiences throughout the year to help those that are grieving get back to living well again. Our Advance Planning advisors help people make informed choices before a death occurs, so that their families will have peace-of-mind on the toughest day of their lives. At Highland Memorial Park, we provide the area’s most beautiful cemetery, with custom choices for burial and cremation. All of our facilities are designed with the technology and functionality that put you, your family and your guests first.

We’re here for you, whenever you need us.

Please take time to explore our website. Read about our amazing team members. Discover the many ways in which we capture, acknowledge and share life’s purpose. I know you will agree that no other Funeral Home, Cemetery or Cremation provider is able to serve your family the way that our family can.

Justin Baxley

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